Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hahaha, Whatever, It's Friday

It's The Little Things...

So I had a mellow night, a friend popped by and we chatted for about an hour and a half. It was short but necessary. Friends need to catch up every now and then, especially since she moved to the other side of town. I munched on my favorite ginger nuts biscuits and then head straight to bed. The cold was starting to tickle my ankles.

Got into bed, listened to music until my notebook decided to shut itself down. Mind you, I was half asleep by then.

Woke up not wanting to get out of bed. Record time today, it took me less than 15mins to get out of bed, even after I hit the snooze button about 4 times.
Winter is really slowly settling in. The way I cherish moments I spend in the bathroom, mainly for the steam... Yeah, I know!
Look, I don't have a heater (for medical reasons) so until my GP tells me otherwise about my sinusitis and steam not jelling I'll keep keeping on.

Sh!t, I need to get ready for work!
So I leave my 'steamy heaven' and try decipher my cupboard for what to wear. Ggrrr, I hate this part of the morning. Like its not enough that I decided to actually go to work, and NOT call in sick. Football Friday crosses my mind but me-silly-self has my football t-shirt on my chair, at work. Bravo Tums, flippen bravo! How rubbish of me actually...

Ms Noels and I eventually leave the house and I listen to music on my phone all the way to work.

I jump out the car and right there and then it hits me...a CUP OF TEA awaits me in the office. YAY! So I get my walk on, you know what walk I'm talking about right?!? The Obama type of walk.
The receptionist gives me that 'I see you're also happy its Friday' look...but she doesn't know what I know.

Let's just say my cup of tea is on my left hand side as I'm typing this piece right now. No I'm not left handed, I just like using my left hand to drink when I'm typing.

My cuppa tea:
leave the tea bag in for 1min
2 teaspoons of sugar (if its a mug)
a lil bit of warm milk (lactose intolerance isn't a joke)
...and Voila! I'm all smiles and my day looks charming from where I'm sitting.

Happy Friday!
P.S. I love tea

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nas & Damien Marley - Distant Relatives

Nas and Damien Marley's Distant Relatives collaboration album is out on the 18th of May.

Their reason behind this collaboration is mainly because they both feel that Africa is not where it should be by now, especially considering that's where their roots are. They are giving all proceeds of this album to building schools in Africa, possibly in Congo. 'This is a school building album' said Damien.

The album will consist of African music samples. Damien and Stephen Marley have produced most of the tracks on the album. They are rumored to be featuring the likes of Stephen (himself), Stevie Wonder, Joss Stone, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne and K'naan.

Their single, As we Enter, (video shots attached above), was released on February the 23rd peaking at number 10 on iTunes Hip Hop charts and number 42 on iTunes Music Charts.

'Strong will Continue' is to feature in the soundtrack for the 2010 Fifa World Cup Video Game.

I can't wait for the album to come out this side.

Turn Your Speakers Up!

Talib Kweli & DJ Chaps 'Early Morning Signs'

Blacksmith Music presents Talib Kweli and DJ Chaps 'Early Morning Signs', out tomorrow 23rd April (in the US).

I can't say much but that check out for more details. Otherwise this is a fully loaded pistol I can't wait to get a hit of.

Track listing:
1. Early Mourning Signs Intro
2. Reflection Eternal feat. Estelle - Midnight Hour
3. Asher Roth feat. Talib Kweli & Blu - Sour Patch Kids (Remix)
4. Gorillas feat. Mos Def & Bobby Womack - Stylo
4. Music Ain’t Business (feat. Jean Grae & Wale) (prod. by Zeferiah)
5. Get On Your Job (feat. Krondon & Phil the Agony) (prod. by Madlib)
6. Bad Seed feat. Talib Kweli & Mims - Yankee Fitted (prod. by Kleph Dollaz)
7. Slow Down Son freestyle
8. Reflection Eternal - Nothing Less Than
9. Strong Arm Steady & Madlib feat. Sick Jacken - Pressure
10. Fashawn feat. Talib Kweli - Life’s A Bitch
11. Ski Beatz feat. Jean Grae, Jay Electronica, Joell Ortiz, Mos Def - Prowler Part 2
12. Astro Turf (feat. Oh No)
13. Strong Arm Steady & Madlib feat. Planet Asia - Chitlins and Pepsi
14. Jean Grae - Stick Up Dance
15. Strong Arm Steady feat. The Game - Trunk Music
16. Idle Warship feat. Kardinal Offishall - Bedroom Lights RMX
17. Reflection Eternal feat. Bun B - Strangers (Paranoid)

Let me know what you think.

We Left Everything Behind and Took Only The Memories

That's the morning after 2009, the 1st of January 2010. The morning after a proper way of ushering in a brand New Year.

Champagne, food, laughter, kisses, dancing, swims (not me, of course) and loads of beautiful people. The Vaal River was a great way of escaping from the rush of the big city lights and into a small farm-like set up.

From left: Buddy, Me, Rose, Ani and Dawnzie.

Good Times!

Bootie Call...See You Soon

She's a sexy Brit based at TOPSHOP.
Her name is Millie Canvas and her code name is 42M90WKHA.
We met online yesterday and it seems like we'll be seeing each other more often.
I mean, its getting cold out there and we need to pair up sooner than later.
I told her I'll pay for her flight and she's cool with that.
I'm not sure when exactly I'll be seeing her due to the volcanic eruptions.
I can't wait to hold her in my arms and tuck into her too.

It's meant to be. It was love at first 'site' after all.

Millie, Oh Millie!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ann Powers says: Coachella 2010 outro: Die Antwoord, so Zef, so fres!
Ann K. Powers wrote:

With Coachella 2010 quickly receding in the rear-view mirror of festival-goers’ collective consciousness, it is fair to say that there was no shortage of lasting impressions made this year. Highly touted reunions (the Specials, Faith No More, Pavement), splashy performances by next-big-things (MGMT, Vampire Weekend), even blanket ubiquity by bona fide superstars (Jay-Z and BeyoncĂ©, please stand up).

But pound for pound -- or maybe, considering the group's abbreviated set time and its members' dangerously emaciated-looking Body Mass Indexes, minute for minute onstage -- the most engaging and legitimately surprising act of the weekend might have been the hard rhyming South African “Zef-rap” trio Die Antwoord. Their arrival came as a late addition to the Coachella lineup, placed in a high-visibility spot Saturday night between veteran party starter DJ Z-Trip and Belgian mash-up superstars 2 Many DJs (who had to cancel due to Icelandic volcano complications). Then there was the name itself: "the answer" in Afrikaans. All day Saturday, the question was, "Who the [bleep] is Die Antwoord?”

Suffice it to say the audience did not know what hit them.

Steeped in viral mystery after months of ‘Net speculation about their integrity level and original provenance, the group bounded onstage in the Sahara tent and basically laid waste to any preconceived notion about hip-hop’s global currency in the new millennium. That is to say, it’s easier to consider Die Antwoord’s “rave-rap” and try to process its “new Zef flow” in terms of what M.I.A. does than, say, N.W.A. (Even if Die Antwoord shares a similar fondness for filthy language and descriptions of brutal sex, paying homage to Compton’s finest by proclaiming themselves “Straight Outta South Africa” with a pronounced Afrikaans accent.)

In less than 20 minutes onstage and over the course of fewer than six songs, Die Antwoord amazed and confused by indeed being Zef and staying “so, so fres.” Depending on who you ask, Zef either embodies the celebration of a uniquely South African brand of white trashiness or is shorthand for general awesomeness. Both would seem to apply. Zef is indisputably the group’s X-factor: the key to its fizzy menace, its otherworldliness and ribald sex rhymes.

To be sure, lead vocalist Ninja and backup singer/MC Yo-Landi Vi$$er make a visually arresting pair. Both are greyhound-thin and exude a kind of hard-to-place affectlessness -- he after having stripped down from a white hoodie sweatsuit to a pair of flimsy Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon” workout shorts and she, sparrow-like and helium-voiced in gold hot pants and a halter top. Their quirks of idiom and casual referencing of old school hip-hop, coupled with Die Antwoord’s singular Zef look, create a sense of wonder. It’s no far stretch to imagine them having grown up in some Cape Town meth lab watching a steady diet of “Yo! MTV Raps.”

But after having performed basically all of their recorded material (available on widely downloaded mix-tapes), the trio (and their portly, shirtless, be-masked backup dancers) exited stage right. And for a moment, the possibility of a melee taking place in the Sahara tent seemed perfectly plausible. Resplendent with his Kid 'n Play-esque high-top fade, Ninja took the opportunity to departed gracefully: “Coachella, we love you!” he exclaimed.

Vi$$er -- looking like a diffident, highly sexualized 12-year-old and drenched in sweat -- chose to bail in a hail of curse words directed specifically at the Coachella crowd and flipped everyone the bird.


So just how did Die Antwoord rate its Coachella performance? Your humble correspondent tried in vain to swaggle an interview, only to discover that the group had chosen to do no press, keeping the sense of mystery surrounding them intact.

But Ninja articulated a certain sense of accomplishment in an Afrikaans-accented gangsta tweet Sunday.

“We came, we saw, we skopped fokken gat,” he wrote.

-- Chris Lee

Photo: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times

So said Ann!

Clear Your Day, We've Got a Date With Music, Real, Local Music...

Back To The City Freedom Day Festival
April 27th
10:00 - 23:00
R50 (guarantees you memories)
Ritual Stores, Newtown
Proudly brought to you by The Unlearn Agency and Ritual Stores in association with Channel O!

So yeah, here we go again, fourth year in running and the circle gets bigger each year for the old and the new talent.

This is the one time music lovers walk away with music bleeding out of their ears looking into the sky with their smiles shining in the dark. I get tongue-tied every time I speak or write about music because words always fail to explain and express the joy that overcomes me.

The line-up is to live for, forget dying, why would you want to miss this Experience?!? You're Free right...or are you dom?!? hehe!

The hunger and excitement that will be showcased on those stages is what I live for right now. The nominees from the past weekend (SAMAs) who didn't get the recognition they feel they earned and deserved will be going full force and I want to witness it with my own eyes. History will be made. Bring your toys or whatever you'll need to capture Freedom being painted on the day.

I'll be there to check out our home-brewed pool of talent;
30 MCs (HHP, Pro Kid, Flex Boogie, 5th Floor, Tumi+live Band, Zaki Ibrahim, Illiterate Skills...
7 DJs (Kenzhero, Music At Last, Dimplez, DJ VU (Holland), Dolla, P Squared and Switch.
2 stages
12 Graffiti Crews
B Boy Dancers
Beat Box Battles

In the words of Pro Kid 'oh oh, oh oh, oh oh ngathi k'ya fiwa this year'

P.S. comfortable shoes asse-M-blief!!!

Take My Hand. Let's Go!

Tavi Oh Tavi!!!

Believe it or not this little lady from Chicago, Tavi Gevinson is only 13 years young and started out as a fashion blogger/writer on the 31st of March 2008 at the age of 11. I feel sick!!
She refers to herself as 'a tiny 13year old dork that sits at home all day wearing weird antique hats and jackets'

She named her blog Style Rookie and then her sweetest dreams kick-started from there. Her parents had no idea what their daughter was getting up to until she needed permission from them when the New York Times needed a picture of her for an article they were writing about her. Her blog was initially assumed to be a fake created by a fashion insider.

This young fashionista is being referred to as the darling of downtown by the likes of Alexander Wang, March Jacobs and most of the high end fashion designers. She has been featured in numerous magazines like Teen Vogue and has her own seat at the front-line of fashion weeks as a Muse and a VVIP.
She has managed to also partner up with Borders+Frontiers, a London fashion brand. I'm running outta breath!

She took a week off school to attend the New York Fashion Week. Her father, who's a teacher, was escorting her from one venue to the next, waiting outside while she was welcomed in.
'I'm very surprised at how things have blown up' said Tavi.

She's was quoted saying that most of her schoolmates don't read her blog, therefore resulting in them not understanding her style, but some actually do.

Things I'd do, souls I'd sell down the drain to be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs, Gwen Stefani, Michael Kors...and this youngen is not even bothered but is just pursuing what she enjoys.

Jay-Z was right about Luck bestowing itself on those who always stay ready.

Stay Ready!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Somebody Pass Ms. Hill the Mic

'Me without a mic is like a beat without a snare'

Ladies and gentlemen, Ms. Hill is back, well and kicking...and ready to kick it! The first lady of Hip Hop is looking sober, healthy and ready to take this bubble-gum/crunk music back to its crawl, where it belongs.

The last performance I heard of was when she performed in New Zealand on the 23rd of January. Not sure how it went since the last time she dropped by here, well, aah, look, things didn't go as planned and home-girl was eeh, aah, a bit tired?!? So yeah...

...and people still don't believe in Music prayers. Well mine have been answered.

Now for Ms. Winehouse to get off the floor.

Today feels Weird

It's something I would never put down in words but, Today feels Weird.

I woke up at 04:25, went into the bathroom and repositioned the shower head, went to the kitchen to take out ironing stuff then back to bed. The minute I got in bed it immediately felt like a Saturday morning, you know, one of those when the alarm goes off by mistake?!? My body relaxed so much I could feel it slip right back into that sleep. The Saturday sleep.

The plan was to wake up an hour and 30minutes later but I was 30minutes late. My outfit didn't make sense considering the weather outside. Did I tell you about today's weather? Its as confused as my sleeping pattern. The time is 08:25 now and its already drizzled, the wind is doing its rounds, the sun is also up...and down.
I'm wearing ankle length pants with brogues. My poor ankles!

The view from my office is calming though. The trees are starting to look lonelier by the day. The leaves have packed all that's theirs and are taking some time off.

I feel you Winter, welcome!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Afternoon Snack...

'Love is highly irritational because its based on who you think somebody is rather than who they really are'

a line I read in the May issue of Marie Claire.

From My Soul to Your Sole, love Christian...

Honestly, as if the red sole was not enough, Christian blings the top of the shoe for his Mens Spring/Summer 2010 Shoe Collection. He focused on silver-toned spikes. A bold line he drew between ladies and mens shoe designs. Red Sole vs Spikes.

Most people aren't aware that he also designs Mens shoes and not only the famous red sole stilettos. The spikey design has been referred to by many as some form of tribute to the late pop King, Michael Jackson. Pharell Williams, Swiss Beatz and Reggie Bush are a few regulars spotted wearing these spikey designs.

Since brogues are the latest buzz with the ladies out there, its only fair to see a few brave it and pull these flats off, like the lady shown above. There's something about Christian's designs, something sexy, edgy and bold, for both women and men.

Christian Louboutin used to design shoes with blue soles in the beginning for a short period of time. These were only available on special orders though. Their production came to an end due to trademark issues.
He worked with Roger Vivier, the father and creator of stilettos, a man who has designed shoes for Queen Elizabeth II, Christian Dior (10years), and The Beatles. We can only thank the heavens he decided to get back in the game after he took a break from working with Roger Vivier in 1982 and decided to go work as a landscape designer before he returned with his own line in 1992.

This 46 year old has a fetish like no other. Christian collects books and colourful ties that he doesn't wear, ever. The simple but pedantic designer has a final say as to what all his stores look like, his own personal touch.

I prefer shoes that undress to shoes that dress, a successful shoe is a shoe that accentuates nudity. The woman remains entirely nude when she wears those shoes. The shoe becomes the privilege of nudity.” - Christian Louboutin

Friday, April 16, 2010

Winter Approaches...its SAMA this Weekend

...and the beat goes on. South Africa celebrates its 16th MTN Annual Music Awards.

The musical movers and shakers turn insomniac in our country at this time of the year. This is the one time what your friends tell you about your music doesn't really count but moreso what the judges have sealed in those envelopes. I say good luck and thank you for the music that's got us through traffic jams, made us dance in clubs and helped me clean my room. We appreciate all the hard work.

The awards will be broadcast live from The Sun City Superbowl on Saturday the 17th of April at 20:00 on SABC1. I'll be watching them from the comfort of my house (sniff sniff)...

Okay, for me there are only 3 main awards really, Album of the Year, Lifetime Achievers and MTN SAMA Record of the Year, nothing sinister to the other categories. These awards, especially the Lifetime Achiever Award, is what has paved the music industry in our country. So whether an artist wins or not at least they'll find some sense of inspiration, if not direction as to what makes an artist timeless in this industry. Tick!
Letta Mbuli, Brenda Fassie, Philip Tabane, Bra Hugh, Abdullah Ibrahim, Mama Makeba, are only a few of the nominees for this category. If that is not what a tight line up is then maybe I have been listening with my deaf ear all along...

Liquid Deep, Teargas, Lira, Blk Jks, HHP, The Parlotones, Zulu Boy are at the top of my mind for whatever awards. My fingers are crossed. Sorry I can't put any money on the table, I saw a piece I liked at Trenery. (ching chong cha! Trenery wins)

The MTN SAMA have introduced a new award this year for the International Achievers. This focuses on our own local artists who have seen remarkable success across the world. The likes of HHP, Freshly Ground, Jozi, Soweto Gospel Choir, Blk Jks, Kwani Experience, Springbok Nude Girls to name a few. The game gets tougher I tell you. Exciting times, exciting times!

The MTN Record of the Year is a mighty award as the votes lie in OUR hands, the critical judges. The winner will be chosen from a list of 20 shortlisted artists. This list is based on the number of airplay, research and input from the judges, record labels and so forth. All it takes is a call or an sms to see JR 'Make the Circle Bigger' on stage while some coloured folks pull zaps at him. (10smses max per fan, standard rates apply).

Did I mention this years sponsors, Ray Ban, Nokia X6, Nikon, MT, Taboo, Levis, Haivaianas, Heineken (cheers), EA Games and Converse.


P.S. Shout out to the companies responsible for creating this years logo and that responsible for the website. Here's to hoping the people responsible for putting the event together do a stellar of a job. Its the lil things that count and keep us coming back for more.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sneaking Around: Jeremy Scott gets into bed with ADIDAS

This American born Fashion Designer studied at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Jeremy Scott is ranked as one of the most creative designers to ever live.
He has showcased his work around all the fashion capital cities of the world New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles to name a few...

He has dressed the likes of Rihanna, Madonna, Kanye West, Beyonce, The Beckhams, Gaga, Kelis, M.I.A, Gwen Stefani, etc.
He's well known for his outstanding and unconventional styles from one legged pants and using food as his inspiration to create dresses.

Late last year he partnered with Adidas for their Spring Sneakers Collection. He got everyone talking with his out-of-the-box designs with his Mickey Mouse and JS Wings collection.

'Scott is the only designer who could ever take over after me when I leave Chanel' - Karl Lagerfeld

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vintage: Jay-Z - Lucky Me

Grand Opening:

I was introduced to this track by a friend sometime last year, believe it or not.

Lucky Me is from Shawn Corey 'Jay-Z' Carter released In My Life: Vol 1 in 1997. I fell in love with Lucky Me which was produced by then Sean 'Puff Daddy' Combs.

Jay explained that the album was made during one of the worst periods in his life. He was reeling from the death of his close friend The Notorious B.I.G.. He said that the album was a MUST, that he had to do it, it was the only way for him to 'speak out' about his not-so-picture-perfect up bringing.
Premier and Ski laced some tracks in the album.

He still says if he had one thing to change then it would be Vol. 1 since some of the tracks in there should not have been featured.

Grand Closing:
From Marci to Madison Square, the only thing that's missing is just a matter of years..

and now look...

HOVA Baby!

Eye Hear Music: De La Soul - Trying People

One of Hip Hop's greatest and oldest yet most relevant group to ever exist, in my books.

De La Soul consists of 3 lyrically equipped members, Kelvin Mercer (Plug 1), David Jude Jolicoeur (Plug 2) and Vincent Mason (Plug 3). This trio hails from Amityville NY. They formed their band in 1987. Paul Huston/Prince Paul (Plug 4) stepped in as their producer and the games began from there. They got their 'plug' names from the numbers each band member's mic was labeled on the soundboard.
They have a number of albums, Stakes is High, 3 Feet High and Rising, De La Soul is Dead, The Grind Date, Buhloone Mindstate, Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump just to name a few...

They have earned their respect in the game and won the NME (New Music Express) Album of the Year Award and also made it into The Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Album of All Times for their album 3 Feet High and Rising. De La Soul was very influential to the likes of Black Eye Peas and Mos Def in the early years of their careers.

They are one of Hip Hop's longest standing groups for 23 years to date and their music is still as relevant, from their first album right down to the last.

Last year April they partnered with NIKE and iTunes for their return after a 5 year break with their album that's specifically targeted for runners titled 'ARE YOU IN: 'NIKE + Original Run'.
I love the smell of legendary success.

My favorite De La track is Trying People produced by Def 2 U, check it out when you get a chance

Music people, music!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Today, 28years ago a beat-architect was born...

This composer/producer is born and bred in Amsterdam. He started creating beats at the age of 14. He's a legend when it comes to his cello skills, a hard worker and pays attention to detail. He's got an ear for all kinds of music Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop etc.

Pieter Perquin, or Perquisite as he's known, makes timeless liquid smooth relaxing beats that you keep wanting to listen to over and over again. He has worked on a couple of projects with a variety of talented and well respected producers, jazz and Hip Hop artists. Check his site out for more details of where he's been and and where he's heading

I was introduced to their music by a friend of mine who lived in Holland for a year, Kate. She guaranteed me that I'll love their music instantly and she was not wrong. Mellow (ft Senna) and Hope (ft Talib Kweli) are still my joints, even though they were released in 2005. Remember that thing I said about timeless music...
Pete Philly and Perquisite's music is a marriage of a wordsmith and a beat-architect. The production is so good that you find yourself relaxing in the space between the beat and the lyrics.

Perquisite, for the first time composed an entire score for a Dutch movie 'Carmen van het Noorden' which features the likes of Sanguita, GMB (from Balance in Mystery Repeats), Murda-Turk (Nalden Exclusive & Die Kassier ft FS Green), Jiggy Dje (who has featured Pete Philly in Ik heb Je), Typhoon and Sticks and many more. Listen out to the album if you get a chance.

After Pete Philly and Perquisite both decided it was time they focused on their solo careers they begun their final tour which they called The Final Celebration Tour where they performed at 17 different theaters around Holland, which one of their own local magazines called 'a glorious goodbye celebration'

Right now Perquisite is working on the debut album by Dutch singer Urita, as well as working on his first solo album which will probably be released September 2010.

Dank u voor de Muziek & Gelukkige Verjaardag Meneer Perquin!

Anna dello Russo - Fashion Director At Large, Vogue Nippon

What more can I say, she's one of my favorite people at the moment. She started off in the fashion industry as another eager fashionista. This Italian girl has earned her merits by working really hard to get where she is. She's always knew what she wanted to be and worked hard to get there, and now years later, the girl is living her dream.

She's a fashion opinion leader designers worry about if she's not at their shows. Front row of course, don't be silly. Designers create pieces for her to wear at fashion shows ahead of time, she gets chauffeur driven to and from shows. What more could a girl ask for?!?

Meryl Streep's role in 'The Devil Wears Prada' is only a slice of her everyday life. Need I say more ladies...
Breakfast with the likes of Mr. Bertelli (Prada Chief Executive), Burtan Tansky (Chairman for Nieman Marcus) and Franca Sozzani (Editor-in-Chief Vogue Italia) is another regular day for this Bella. She was introduced to me, not personally of course, by my favorite photographers and bloggers Scott Schuman and Garance Dore, whom by the way have played a key role in motivating me to start this 'project'.

You'll be reading a lot about her down these corridors.

Fabulous day ahead!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday ELLE-gant Muse

We've come a long way together, from the days of being a maturing teen to the lady-in-progress I am today.
I still remember when we first met, how we were introduced by my sister Ingrid. She still reminds me every now and then.

I used to be so pedantic to an extent that no one had the right to touch, open and even read your articles until I did. The silly disputes with friends, simply because of how they used to mishandle you. Let's not touch on the doggy ears, they used to make me hysterical to no end. It just never made sense to me why they never understood how to handle a lady of your caliber. Never.

I still remember when Jackie stepped in to be your guardian in December 2006, I had no doubts about her and now look, 3 years and 3months later, Ms Burger took you in for a well earned face lift and I still look at you the same way, if not with a bit more respect.

You have managed to remain undisputed without much effort and that's what kept me wondering 'what's next?'
The Summer and Winter supplements sponsored by MasterCard, bliss!

Well my dear friend, here's to you and everyone else, your decision makers, Jackie Burger, the hard working team of assistants, contributors, sales and marketing team, Dion Chang (and his amazing photographer), features writers, and down to those that keep the magazine on the shelves, people like myself.
Most thanks goes to the key role players, Avusa Management Team.

Here's to more fabulous years of timeless style, Touche.

I Pressed Play...

Its been months now since I've been planning to take this Jump...

Today, Tuesday 30th of March 2010 at 7am my alarm went off and 'Traveller' started playing and I knew I had to take that journey I had been anticipating all this time.

Let me tell you my story...

I'm a typical cancerian, planning and plotting is my thing...BUT execution usually is a whole new story. Procrastination. BUT! BUT! BUT! my studio is up so I'm gradually working on it, so yeah...

I have an eye for clothes, art and an ear for music, that's me in a nutshell. I created this studio to find balance with the three, and to grow these ever changing flows.

Show me yours and I'll show you mine. Deal.