Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Kissed Loneliness

I haven't been spoken for in a while now...

I've learnt to listen to myself in order to represent myself better and fully.
Some may think it's a game. A broken heart. A phase. A missing heart...

But only I know that I kissed loneliness.
And only I know that I enjoyed it
Only I know that I kiss those who move and grow me

Loneliness is here..but not for long.
Because a kiss is just a kiss after all

LOVE awaits me out there. I can feel it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Language I Want To Understand: L.O.V.E

The honesty of it all is that I would love to hear someone say these words to me or even about me. Everyone wants LOVE to be their favourite colour.
In the words of my best friend Motheo, Love is lovely and War is ugly. Spread LOVE.
Follow the link below and see the play on words, literally and figuratively.
source: leloveimage

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tomorrow We Dine, Drink & Dance

So, tomorrow I'm having dinner with my friends. Some of them were scattered around the country last week when I cut my cake withhe other crazies. Fun times! Fun times!
All my friends will congregate under one roof. My Pretoria childhood friends and the ones I made this side. Good thing they're both wild and crazy.
We are going to have too much fun

Birthday Pictures: Part 4

Birthday Pictures: Part 3

Birthday Pictures: Part 2

Birthday Pictures

So, I'm 25 Right...

My friends are the sweetest...
Okay, so Saturday night I decided fcuk it I'm going to sleep, I need to be up and ready first thing in the morning anyway. I was supposed to meet a friend for breakfast. Well, let's just say those plans took a quick turn when Simone called saying that she's coming to pick me up we need to be out there ushering in my new year, somewhere, somehow but it has to happen. So me being the comrade that I am, I didn't decline, also, I spent the entire day indoors watching movies in bed so I had enough gees. Sims came and we drove around town looking for a spot that wasn't infiltrated by newborns trying to look like video vixens to grab the eyes of boys who think they're in a Hip Hop video so we ended up heading to Kitcheners. Gosh, that place never dissapoints. I love it.
Well, midnight struck and Simone gave a warm tight hug and wished all the chocolates in the world. Okay, maybe not chocolates but all the sweet things ever. She can get sweet sometimes that one :). We danced the night away to some cool tunes, as always with Kitcheners. There was a photographer just walking around snapping people away as music moved us all. I swear Kitcheners is like the UN of music, well to me at least.
Morning came and I was woken up by calls from all the people wishing me a Happy Birthday. My mom called and started giving me a lecture on life and how I am now a big girla nd that I should always give thanks for all the little things in my life. Mom! Mom! Mom, I love her to bits. She's my hero. Yes HERO!
I eventually got out of bed and started cleaning the house. Even on my birthday I do still clean. I love cleaning, its very therapeutic for me, especially when I'm all alone. Of course with music jamming in te background. I was shaking my ass and checking myself out on the - Yep, still got it alright!
My sister dropped by with her boyfriend to wish me Happy Birthday. SHe brought me flowers and a beautiful gift. Kea leboga.
O.C. was heading to my spot so we could go pick up my cake and buy all the other necessary stuff like alcohol, meat and whatever else. She came with Gontse and we journied on to Weltevreden to pick up the cak my dear sister Ingrid had ordered for me. It was sooo delicious and beautiful. I stuffed my friend's faces with it. Hell they did half the job. So we got back and O.C. started hooking up some meat and the drinking started flowing. Music kicked in and so did all my friends. All my dera friends started rolling in and my heart just grew bigger and bigger (don't u dare sing that JR song hmkay).
Everyone having fun while Dawn and Kate were clowns of the day, hahaha! They couldn't put the bowl of chips down. I seriously wonder why. Those two!
We were on the balcony watching the sun set. It was really the best day of my Life. All about me and everyone just happy. Could it have been the vodka? hhmmm...
The sun set and I started realising that these people have to go back to their 'holes'. I had a thought of perhaps holding them all hostage and not letting even one of them leave. (MWAHAHAHAHA) *clears throat*

Okay, so O.C. decided she wants to sing me Happy Birthday...yeah she has the voice alright. Everyone sang and said their thoughts on me as a friend. I loved it. They bring all the good they said about me out of me. Real talk. Jermaine also bought me beautiful sunflowers :)
I made all of them take as much cake as possible because I know how I can get with it, plus it was too big to fit in our fridge. Did I mention the 2 was a chocolate and the 5 a vanilla?!? Yep, that's my sis for you.
Okay, my hands are getting tired from typing, so to wrap it up. Thank you to all my beloved angels we call friends, I love and respect each and everyone of you, even to those that weren't there. Its all LOVE with me.
Here's to many more years to come. We'll party until the walking-stick can't take it no more. As I always say, Life is for the living.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day & Night: Let's Go Boogy By The Water: RJD2

How awesome?
This is where RJD2 was performing in 2007. Its in Europe somewhere. Can you imagine partying to such a view?!? I would feel safe merely because I'd be far away from the DJ deck...just in case something happened.
Yes! Yes! Yes! you figured it out, I can't swim okay. Its a long story ;)
So yeah, I think its only fair for one to party at such a venue before our lives touch down.
Go on shake ur booty booty!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Phuck Me: Balenciaga U Devil

Plastic aquamarine, mahogany crocodile, stacks of colorful marbley prints, orthopedic looking platform attachment & foam pads...its a shoe of the future! Beautiful.

Honestly, what's there to be said? Huh? Exactly, nothing!

Yeah, well these are Balenciaga's, there you go.

I feel a heart attack coming my way!

Spent The Day With My Boys: Hendrix, Kuti & Def

I've decided to stop saying that I love Music because that's played out in my world. I've BEEN loving Music and what I have with Music now, words don't carry enough weight to express it all.
Anywho! I spent my entire day listening to these legends and stumbled across a track Mos Def did with Femi Kuti, titled Do Your Best and it is the best, well fo rme instead.
I hopped around different tracks and not just listening to one album or artist at a go. I could pick up similar sounds her and there but then again, it could just be me ye!
I have a huge crush on a dead man, Jimi Hendrix.

Monday, July 5, 2010

When Opportunity Strikes - Stay Ready

George is a friend I met through another friend, so yeah, George is my friend...

Anywho, GG (Gorgeous George) approached me last week asking where I am with my passion for fashion and I started beating about the bush until he put the offer on the table laying down exactly what it is I can assist him and his team with. I was happy with what we spoke about and my heart immediately filled with happiness. I decided this was my time to shine and use each and every opportunity I can get to make sure my duties are met and that I grow from this platform.

clmagazine: contributor

I doubt George understands the meaning of this opportunity and it'll never slip my mind. I'm trully grateful, especially considering the fact that I do not have any form experience but the burning passion.

So, as I alwasy say, Luck bestows itself on ready minds, STAY READY!

I'm lucky!

Snap: Did You See What Lee-Roy Did To Me

Lee-Roy, one of the young talents in our country took these shots for his 100th album and I was honoured to be a part of this historical experience. It was cool. He hired out club INC in Braamfontein and had props for us to try on. All I took from the props was the hat and the rest I came geared up in.
The attitude I had the minute I stepped on that stage was too much for me to try hide or rather for Lee-Roy to not capture on his lenses. I got on stage and 3 seconds later he had his shot and I had to step off. I wanted to do so much more but time wasn't on our side.

Have You Seen My New Hair?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Levi's Boyfriend Collection Ad Campaign (love the copy)

Legends are never introduced so yeah...

Just Today: I Miss Summer

Its been cold lately but this morning marks the beginning of MY winter. I was cold from my hair follicles right down to the soles of my feet. I love winter and all don't get me wrong but :( its really been SUPER freezing and the early hours that I wake up every day haven't been helping.

Oh well, here's to braving the next 2months and slowly planning my Summer Wardrobe when I bring my sexy body out to pay. Short dresses & Sunglasses. Gym shorts with formal jackets. Shorts with SUPER high heels and and and and....

Summer/Spring where art though?!?

Can't Keep Up: The Kardashians' Skincare Range

Look, I don't know, are they not Armenian or something? Doesn't good skin/beauty come naturally for them?!!?

Really Kim, there's only so far one can go (with their family on their back nogal) based on a apparently didn't know existed.

Let's see, who knows, anything is possible in the U.S.

Dolls Up!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Before I Go: A Dying Father's Lessons on Life for His Teenaged Daughter


1. Seek out a mentor — possibly someone who was involved in your hiring process. Learn what to expect two or three years ahead and prepare for it.

2. Assume the behavior and habits of the people at the next level, and you will demonstrate that you can get there.

3. Whatever you do, be sure your involvement and actions' ethics and results will look honorable and wise if they appear in the right hand column of the Wall Street Journal's front page. They just might.

4. ''Try to find out what you're good at, and have a passion for, and get someone to pay you for doing it'' — advice I was given early on, and it has always proved to be the path for success and, just as importantly, happiness.

5. The first job is rarely anything but a start. Do the best you can, try to work with people you like and admire, and hope for the best. In your lifetime, you may change jobs, if not your career path, many times.

6. Avoid bosses who promise promotions and advancement but who take credit for your work. They won't fulfill their promises to you.

7. Save for a rainy day and always be able to support yourself. You can lose everything in a flash, and scenarios of financial adversity do present themselves in life, even to the best prepared.

8. Avoid speculative ventures. If making money were easy, everyone would be wealthy. If someone can't answer all your questions and ''what ifs,'' there's something wrong.

Adi Ignatius is the Editor-in-Chief of the Harvard Business Review Group .


Eye Love Art: Keep Up...

Keep up with the art at hand...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MixTape Stash: Coldplay & Drake - October's Very Cold

First it was Viva la Hova (Jay Z & Coldplay) and now its October's Very Cold (Drake & Coldplay). Initially I thought the album was produced by Mick Boogie and Terry Urban but this one was touched by Chi Duly and so far so good, the reviews are speaking for themselves.

Don't Look Now, But You're Killing Yourself: Diet Pills

There's no quick fix but shortcuts to death when it comes to diet pills.

STOP IT Women!