Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Levi's Boyfriend Collection Ad Campaign (love the copy)

Legends are never introduced so yeah...

Just Today: I Miss Summer

Its been cold lately but this morning marks the beginning of MY winter. I was cold from my hair follicles right down to the soles of my feet. I love winter and all don't get me wrong but :( its really been SUPER freezing and the early hours that I wake up every day haven't been helping.

Oh well, here's to braving the next 2months and slowly planning my Summer Wardrobe when I bring my sexy body out to pay. Short dresses & Sunglasses. Gym shorts with formal jackets. Shorts with SUPER high heels and and and and....

Summer/Spring where art though?!?

Can't Keep Up: The Kardashians' Skincare Range

Look, I don't know hey...like, are they not Armenian or something? Doesn't good skin/beauty come naturally for them?!!?

Really Kim, there's only so far one can go (with their family on their back nogal) based on a video...you apparently didn't know existed.

Let's see, who knows, anything is possible in the U.S.

Dolls Up!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Before I Go: A Dying Father's Lessons on Life for His Teenaged Daughter


1. Seek out a mentor — possibly someone who was involved in your hiring process. Learn what to expect two or three years ahead and prepare for it.

2. Assume the behavior and habits of the people at the next level, and you will demonstrate that you can get there.

3. Whatever you do, be sure your involvement and actions' ethics and results will look honorable and wise if they appear in the right hand column of the Wall Street Journal's front page. They just might.

4. ''Try to find out what you're good at, and have a passion for, and get someone to pay you for doing it'' — advice I was given early on, and it has always proved to be the path for success and, just as importantly, happiness.

5. The first job is rarely anything but a start. Do the best you can, try to work with people you like and admire, and hope for the best. In your lifetime, you may change jobs, if not your career path, many times.

6. Avoid bosses who promise promotions and advancement but who take credit for your work. They won't fulfill their promises to you.

7. Save for a rainy day and always be able to support yourself. You can lose everything in a flash, and scenarios of financial adversity do present themselves in life, even to the best prepared.

8. Avoid speculative ventures. If making money were easy, everyone would be wealthy. If someone can't answer all your questions and ''what ifs,'' there's something wrong.

Adi Ignatius is the Editor-in-Chief of the Harvard Business Review Group .

source: http://blogs.hbr.org/hbr/hbreditors/2010/05/a_dying_fathers_lessons_on_lif.html#comments

Eye Love Art: Keep Up...

Keep up with the art at hand...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MixTape Stash: Coldplay & Drake - October's Very Cold

First it was Viva la Hova (Jay Z & Coldplay) and now its October's Very Cold (Drake & Coldplay). Initially I thought the album was produced by Mick Boogie and Terry Urban but this one was touched by Chi Duly and so far so good, the reviews are speaking for themselves.

Don't Look Now, But You're Killing Yourself: Diet Pills

There's no quick fix but shortcuts to death when it comes to diet pills.

STOP IT Women!

source: thedesigninspitation.com

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Music Is Served: 22Tracks

Extra! Extra! Read all about it...

Their words rest on my mixedtapediaries:

The what it is, what it is...

22tracks.com is a jukebox consisting of 22 playlists of different genres, each playlist filled with 22 tracks, selected by specialized DJs from Amsterdam. 22tracks provides a quick overview of the latest music, promotes new artists and lets you discover new genres. No registration, no hassle. The easy way.

We do not support illegal downloading. Like the track? Use the link and buy it at the iTunes Store. Help promote the track by using the “share on Twitter” button. The 22 playlists are refreshed throughout the week with new tracks added at the top and older tracks deleted at the bottom.

Use My22 to create your own playlist of 22 favourite tracks. Click the heart icon in front of any track from any genre to add it to your personal My22. Tracks are available for at maximum one month. Tracks that are deleted from the genres appear ‘greyed out’ in your My22. You can’t play them any more, but you can still look up the artist name, track title and album info including the links towards Twitter, homepage and iTunes.

Follow our Twitter and/or Facebook account to receive daily notices on genre updates. Read our blog for background info on tracks in our playlistst, the latest news and developments…

The 22 peoples...

22tracks.com was launched on the 22nd of October 2009 by Vincent Reinders / @Venz_ and Gilles de Smit / @diegozer. iPhone development by Joris Kluivers. Webdevelopment by Venour & Boy Wonder. Hosted by JFDhosting & Nedzone.

The 22 playlists lists are curated by Africa Unsigned (Africa), Full Crate & FS Green (BeatsSoul), Tino Haenen (Contemporary), Waxfiend (DancehallReggae), Job de Wit (DiscoPopRock), Mindmapper (Drum&Bass), DJ Gomes & Brutuzz (Dubstep), Henzel & Disco Nova (Electro), Leroy Rey & Phil Horneman (Funk/Jazz), Venz (HiphopRelax), Rotjoch (HiphopNL), Ricky Rivaro (House), DJ Mauri (Latin), Djef (Originals), DJ Manie (R&B), Tom Trago & Marco Sterk (Techno) and MPS Pilot (Worldgroove).

check these kool-kids on: 22tracks.com

You might want to pull a chair and get your My22...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Read All About It: Santana Covers Nas

Nas continues to expand his horizons, as the rapper has joined guitar legend Carlos Santana to remake a classic rock track.

Nas will be performing AC.DC's "Back In Black" as part of Santana's new album of classic rock covers.

Other artists involved, and the tracks they will help Santana cover, include Joe Cocker for Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing," Chris Cornell for Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" and The Doors keyboard player Ray Manzarek for a new take on The Door's "Riders on the Storm."

As for Santana's inspiration? "I paid special attention to the groove so the females would get completely aroused," he explained in Rolling Stone magazine.

source: dxnews

Lyrical Content: Hi-Tek ft Estelle - Life To Me

a star was born

it's taken 9 long months
to prepare for the day
when my life started change
endure these hours of pain
and all that runs through my brain
is that I'll never
I'll never do this again

it only took one second
and one seed
at the drop of a dime
I'm on this life long journey
falling in love with a person
I ain't never seen
never seen

I remember the beat
and the pressure of you feet
kicking inside
inside of me
made me smile
when I heard your beat

now my heart is yearning
something like a dream

I brought life to you, you bring life to me, you bring life to me

with a little bit of extras
you go from to start life
I thought before I'd have you I could get my heart right
I figured I could change
hoping I could be that
100% that
ready for some real life
I guess I wasn't but I still made a break for it
yeah I was eating for two
I made a stay for it
I'm so emotional
I cried a rain-forest
if I could have seen it coming
yea, I would've ran for it
I thought aborting it would be a better time for it
until I saw a scan for it
a blessing in disguise
you're the apple of my eye
it was just one second
but you made me realize
in just one second
things change over night
so I start seeing things in a whole new light
one night of pleasure could bring a lot of pain
sometimes it's worth it to walk in the rain
sometimes treasure ain't a whole lot of gain
but you're my treasure
even though it felt stranger
if I had to
I would do it all again.
yeah, yeah, for sure I would do it all again

now my heart is yearning
something like a dream
I brought life to you, you bring life to me, you bring life to me

I remember the beat
and the pressure of you feet
kicking inside
inside of me
made me smile
when I heard your beat

now my heart is yearning
something like a dream

I brought life to you
, you bring life to me, you bring life to me

said it's yearning
a dream
to you
to me
to me

Slum Village: Villa Manifesto LP

Detroit boys are here, get the door please!

Slum Village is back on the scene with a new LP with features from J Dilla, De La Soul, Little Brother, Colin Munroe, Dwele & Phife. Villa Manifesto in stores July 29th. Track listing after the jump.

1. Bare Witness
2. Lock It Down (prod. J Dilla) (free download)
3. Earl Flin f. J Dilla
4. Scheming f. J Dilla, De La Soul & Phife (prod. Young RJ)
5. Faster f. Colin Munroe (prod. Young RJ)
6. 2000 Beyond f. J Dilla
7. Stereo f. J Dilla
8. Don’t Fight the Feeling f. Dwele (prod. Mr. Porter)
9. Dance
10. Um Um
11. The Set Up
12. Where Do We Go From Here f. Little Brother
13. We’ll Show You

source: notquitemillionaires

You let me know...

Turn your speakers UP!

Eye Love Art: Jimi Hendrix

This has made my day. I just signed up on this blog and clicked under the art section and BAM! I came across this awesome artwork. I named my blog mixedtapediaries and then a tape finds its way on my page on the 1st of June 2010. Wasup June, make yourself at home and hopefully you bear more art for me to review.

This is legendary, yes the art and the person the face belongs to, Jimi Hendrix. Need I say more?!?

I highlighted his name with that green because that's the same color T-shirt my good friend Dawn (a.k.a Writer Chick) has of him and every time I hear or see his name or face, it always reminds me of her tee.

In the words of Sir Hendrix himself: Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music - and I say let's spin the tapes and create art.

source: raindeocampo

VOGUE : Mei Cruz Control

The one that got away...

Look, I don't purchase VOGUE as religiously as I do ELLE but I kicked myself when I missed this issue. I don't understand French (unless in movies. actions speak louder than words right?!?).

Anywho...Penelope Cruz was invited by French Vogue to guest edit their Mei Issue. She created 3 different covers, one with Meryl Streep, where Penelope toplessly embraces her; another with Rock legend Bono appearing as the other half of his face and lastly the one with the bellas, Queen Streep (side-lean pose right at the top overlooking the 'youngsters'), Kate Winslet, Julianne Moore, Naomi Watts, Gwyneth Paltrow all pictured above styled by her and dressed in GAP t-shirts.

Penelope also showed off her photographic skills by taking shots of her pregnant pal Salma Hayek and another of Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men) and Sean Penn at a bar. Interesting isn't it...

Most importantly though, a standing ovation to the Dutch couple and Fashion photographer duo Inez van Lamsweerde (Male) & Vinoodh Matadin (Female) who did a stunning job on all 3 covers plus Penelope posing in spring fashions. The duo also work on various advertising campaigns and independent projects. They have done outstanding work with the French Art and Design duo M/M Paris. You'll be reading more about their work down this avenue so yeah, be on the look out...

If you find this copy drop me a comment below, hehe! I'm serious though, I would really love to read anything Meryl Streep is in, french or not, I'll google-translate it myself. Plus I'd love to see Penelope's fine pedantic details that everyone is talking about in the issue.

French Kisses!