Friday, January 28, 2011

Get Your Mac On: Steve Jobs

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I know not much about technology but just loading these sort of things on the net. But when I stumbled into this article, I knew I had to put it up. So here it is :)

The Twin Black and White portraits of Steve Jobs.

These portraits were created for Panorama, Italy's Number 1 weekly magazine.

Every time I hear the name Steve Jobs, the other name that pops in my head is Khaya Dlanga, yeah, I know right...

Any who, time for me to get back to my job.

Vanilla Kisses!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Dear Ms. Winehouse...

...please come back. WE miss you :(

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


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Oh My Hat & Umbrella: Coachella Fes 2011

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Words fail to explain the thoughts crossing my mind right now... bank robbery, rent money, cleaning my savings a/c, asking my mom to prove how much she REALLY loves me, lying about a deadly medical condition, etc

Kings of Leon
Ms Lauryn Hill
Cee Lo Green
Erykah Badu
Fat Freddy's Drop
Raphael Saadiq
Kanye West
Wiz Khalifa

I don't know what else to say. I'm considering knocking myself out from Friday the 15th of April all the way until Sunday the 17th. It will almost be like the Festival. just. never. happened.

*cries in hands*

Wonder Woman Wednesday: Indigo Charlie

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Indigo Charles (a.k.a Charlie) is a very smiley, reserved private soul. She has been causing a buzz since she started working with Solange Knowles as her Personal Assistant. She is a busy bee. Always on the run and not getting enough sleep. This 19year old has been doing this since she was 9years old. Her mother had her when she was 19years of age and that's never held her back from raising her daughter as a single parent. Her father passed on when she was only 3years old. Her mother was a Vice President of Publicity for Mathew Knowles' Music World Entertainment, which is how she met Solange. Indigo always flew everywhere with her mom to photo shoots, MTV Avril Lavigne tour (backstage), The Red Carpet, Grammy's, AMA's, and even helping out with the VIP passes. Her passion for Music & Fashion took off right there.

Indi.lange - She started off babysitting for Solange and then it blew into a proper assistant position. They fly around the country, checking into hotels, then running to gigs. With Solange's DJing career taking off at a rapid pace, both their schedules are getting busier. She says her favorite style is mix and matching bold prints and patterns

Indigo Fashion - She is now a student at the FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise) in Los Angeles. She interns at Fashion shows and hopes to one day become a Trend Forecaster. She is currently juggling school, work and a music career, which she says isn't easy but she loves.

Indigo Music - Her passion for Music began when she was a little girl with her parents listening to the likes of Miles Davis (whose track she was named after, 'Mood Indigo'). She classifies her music as Indie/Alternative and says that her lyrics are inspired by her life experiences. She is currently working on her EP but has a single out titled 'Never Change' which she recorded right before she turned 19 inspired by her previous heartbreaks. She did a remix of Never Change with Khleo Thomas titled 'I'll Never Change'. She says her dream would be to work with Eminem and Courtney Love

On life:
"Juicy red cherries on top of an already yummy life" is how she describes her latest endeavors. In 5years she sees herself healthy and happy doing whats he loves. Touring the world sharing her music.

'Be beautiful. Be Pure. Be Fly' is her mantra on life. Her and her mother have these words tattooed on them.

Here's to a wonderful woman and a dream chaser.

Caramel Kisses ;)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ooh Boys! - Man About Town

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I've been snooping around peeping in the mens "change rooms" and I stumbled across this sample magazine, Man About Town. Of course I fell in love. The name is so bold and confident. PLUS...Pharell was the first thing I saw on the cover.

Any who, enough about me drooling all over the keyboard. Read more about the magazine below.

About Man About Town:

Man About Town is an independently produced publication that appeals to the confident, intelligent, luxury-conscious man of today. Man About Town is a guide to the season featuring comprehensively detailed, uniquely presented articles, which provide a full, distinctive view of their subjects. The fashion truly matters to the reader and all content is created by the most prominent, contemporary stylists, photographers and journalists. Man About Town is the modern journal for the man who is already trend and news savvy but wants greater depth than other media currently offers

Sure sounds like an interesting magazine. I can't wait for it to come out. Hmm.. I wonder if we'll ever have it in our stores. Online perhaps.

That's all the perving I did for the day...

Monday, January 17, 2011

What's In Store 2011?

2010 came and left. A good year all around, in my opinion.
Well, that was then and this is now. I've made new resolutions, but with a different mind frame this time. I assessed the actual reason why I could never achieve any of the resolutions, ever. New dreams, same mentality. POOF!!! That's all gone now. I have dreams and goals. Dreams are the things I aspire and need to achieve for myself along life's way. Goals on the other hand, are dreams with deadlines. These will work as a reminder each time I slip off to 'distraction avenue'.

Dedication has to be part of my daily bread from now on. Without dedication and realistic deadlines, I might just be back around this time next year typing this very same sentence, so yeah... that I'm ushering the New Young Year with a new mind set, I need to try and stay focused. FOCUS! FOCUS! FOCUS! I'll start it off with something as easy as taking care of 'home'. My baby, my coffee table diary, my blog. I will need to visit it daily. Whether its from the every day random findings, to telling you about how awesome my lunch was or nagging about a sale when I have no cash. I vow to peep on here at least 3 times a week *bites lip*

Here's to a New Year. A new face. New beginnings. New dreams. New positive energies and all things great and inspirational.

Be happy. Be grateful. Be inspired. Be a dreamer. Be YOU!